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Assisting Parents in Forming World-Class Disciples of Jesus




Pre-K-9th Grade for 2019/20 School Year

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WELCOME to sacred Heart Academy

Welcome to Sacred Heart Academy Part-Time School!  Our mission is to provide an academic environment that “Assists families in forming world-class disciples of Jesus”!  
We are a part-time school serving Homeschoolers in the Greeley/Eaton/Windsor/Fort Collins area for Grades K-8 for School Year 2018/19, offering academic programs for Ages 3.5 through Grades 8.  Students may attend between 1 and 5 days a week depending on their age and grade-level.
Our spiritual focus is to help our children hear from God in scripture, spiritually inspire and model for one another, and form life-long spiritual friendships!
Our academic focus is Charlotte-Mason and Classical.  Charlotte-Mason means a focus on the love of learning, an creative means hands-on experiences that touches all three learning modes – visual, auditory, and kinestic, with lots of movement to engage the brain!  Classical means a focus on becoming like God (virtuous), as the purpose of all learning!  It also means memory, song, and movement in the younger grades, and excellence in critical thinking and articulation and presentation of ideas in the older grades!
Our school virtues are the JOLES – Joyful Heart, Obedient Heart, Love for Jesus, Excitement to Learn, and Serving Heart! Thank you for visiting our website today.


Sacred Heart Academy
Now Enrolling New Students
Info Meeting: Mon. Jan. 28th 6:30pm.

Upcoming Changes and Highlights!  

  • Adding Mon-Thurs 4 mornings a week option for Grades K-3!  M/W, 9am - 1pm (with special), Tues/Thursday - 8:20pm - 1:30pm (with specials)

  • Adding 9th grade (with adequate enrollment) to the M/W afternoon option, (K-9)

  • K-3 Schedules (Option #1, and Option #2) - times/subjects subject to slight variation - please note the schedule for Option #2 is being updated (1st and 2nd grade have their own classes and will mirror Tues/Thursday except for Science, etc - will explain in meeting.)

  • Current M-W-F Schedule with K-8 >schedule