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SACRED HEART Academy PT 3rd-7th Grade Forms

Please fill out the following forms prior to enrollment.  Thank you for letting us teach your children.

Please contact Bethany Konzek at bwkonzek@gmail.com for more information on our 3rd-7th Grade program.

  Please fill out the Registration Form (1-page Current Student Registration Form, or longer New Student Registration Form), and return to us along with a $50 deposit to save your spot.
 This $50 deposit will be deducted from your first Tuition Payment in the Fall.  
We have also have our Parent Handbooks that outline our Tuition and Volunteer Hour Requirements.  There will be a mandatory Parent Meeting in August to go over Parent Handbook items as well as any additional updates/modifications due to the most recent school and health advisements at that time! 

Registration Forms:

Please use the shorter 1 Page Registration Form if you are a current student for School Year 2019/20. Please print and scan/email back to SacredHeartAcademyEmail@gmail.com.  
For payment, please Venmo to  Treasure In Heaven (Treasure-In-Heaven-40): or request a Paypal invoice from the above email for the $50.00.

Lastly, a bit about plans for the Fall. Recent news looks very hopeful for in-person education. Additionally, we are being pro-active as a school to attempt to conduct school in the most beneficial way for the students - adopting increased health standards, but not necessarily all "suggestions" that would not be beneficial to our students.  As a private entity, we should have much more flexibility than public schools.
We are so thrilled to look forward to another academic adventure together this coming year!

SHA Director & Admin Team

Jennifer Powell