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Serving the Windsor, Greeley, Eaton area.  Please contact us for more information and directions.

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Our school began three years ago when four families met together to dream about the ideal academic situation for their children.  We came up with a part-time school where we could still have the benefits and blessings of homeschooling our children (a close relationship with our children, the joy of teaching certain subjects, being able to have long and deep conversations about the faith, being with our children during the best hours of the day), but also have the benefits of a school environment (being able to delegate some subjects to amazing and skilled teachers, giving our children the enjoyment of Recess and social time, the experience of a structured environment, and giving them exposure to spiritual friendships that can be a support and encouragement as they grow into adolescents) - all in an environment and culture that supports the character we are attempting to build at home!

The school has been a wonderful blessing because of God’s plan and the amazing families that continue to join us in this adventure!  Please come visit us and consider joining our School Family!

Sacred Heart Academy

Assisting Parents in Forming World-Class Disciples of Jesus


Jennifer Powell, Director
Phone: (720) 327-8310

Jolene Wells, Co-Director
Phone: 970-590-6945

Ammanda Lungren, Administration
Phone: 801-656-9475