Dear Interested Pre-K and Junior Kinder Families!
Thank you for your interest in our Sacred Footsteps Pre-K and Junior Kinder program for next year! 
Here is what SHA will offer for Next Year:
PreK Program (3.5 to 5 years old) - Tuesday/Thursday OR Monday/Wednesday
Junior Kinder Program (uplift within the Pre-K Class for children who turn 5 by December and are academically ready to begin Kinder skills) = offered either 2 days/week,  M/W or Tues/Thursday) OR 4-days - Monday - Thursday.

We are in the middle of finalizing our 21-22 Pre-K and JK exact time schedule, so please email us for this if you want this as soon as it is available.

To register and reserve your spot, please fill out the PreK Registration Form (above) and email to along with a $50 deposit as soon as possible to save your spot. (Class Sizes are limited and it is a first-come/first-serve registration, so please enroll as soon as you can.)  This $50 deposit will be deducted from your first Tuition Payment in the Fall.  

There will be a mandatory Parent Meeting in August to go over any necessary updates to our policies and procedures, Parent Handbook items as well as any additional updates/modifications due to the most recent school and health advisements at that time! For payment, please Venmo to  Treasure In Heaven (Treasure-In-Heaven-40): or request a Paypal invoice from the above email for the $50.00.

*A Note about the Schedule: Please note that Drop-Off Time will more than likely be a bit earlier next year than the current schedule, giving you a larger window for Drop-Off (8:15am - 8:25am with Free-Play until PreK Chapel begins at 8:55am or 9am). Parents will be able to drop off children anytime from 8:15am up until 8:55am, but would need to walk them in to class if after the 8:15-8:25am drop-off window.)  Current Pick-Up time is 12:15pm - 12:20pm.  After Lunch Specials for Pre-K and JK are still being worked out - when registering, please let us know if you are interested in after-school specials, making your pick-up time at 1:30pm.  

We are very excited to have you join us next year!
Blessings,  SHA Admin Team

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Please fill out the following forms prior to enrollment.  Thank you for letting us teach your children.