Sacred heart academy (K-8)

We are a school with both "Full-time" Options for K-5 for School Year 2020/21, and a Part-Time School for Homeschoolers in the Greeley/Eaton/Windsor/Fort Collins area for Grades K-8.

Our focus is to disciple our children spiritually, challenge them in excellence and creativity academically, and provide a healthy social environment where love for learning and true Christian fellowship can thrive!  Our teachers are all spiritually mature, academically gifted, and very creative!

Our spiritual focus is to help our students learn to listen and hear Jesus in His Word during Chapel Time, and then spiritually inspire one another through shared prayer, memorizing scripture together, and sharing verses that have impacted them.  

Our academic focus is a combination of the Charlotte Mason approach to learning which focuses on love for learning, movement in the Classroom, and giving children a "feast" of ideas to expand and enrich their approach to life and understanding of virtue.  We also embrace the Classical approach which emphasizes children's amazing ability to memorize and absorb content through songs and chants when young, and then learn to engage material logically and articulately as they mature.

Friday Enrichment Program! – A fun and unique schedule on a 6 to 8-week rotation, available for Grades K-8, giving your child a wide variety of experiences that will include classes such as Woodworking, Theater, Engineering concepts through Legos, Cooking, Horse-Care/Riding, Art, Technology and more!

Sacred Heart Academy

Assisting Parents in Forming World-Class Disciples of Jesus