We serve Pre-K to 8th grade, with options for two days/week through four to five days/week.  

Our Sacred Footsteps program offers a two/day week Pre-K program Tues/Thursday for 3.5 to 5 year olds, and a two, three or four day/week Junior Kinder program for 4.5 to 6 year olds that are ready for this program.

Our Sacred Heart Academy program for Grades K-8 offers both a two day/week program to collaborate with homeschooled families, and a four to five day/week program (Monday - Thursday academics, Friday some specials offered), for parents delegating almost all of their academics to Sacred Heart Academy.  We offer specials such as music, Spanish, and art, either immediately after academic school hours M-Thurs, or some specials are offered on Fridays.

Our spiritual focus is to help our children hear from God in scripture through our Chapel time where we study the inspirational stories of the saints and missionaries, then read/discuss/chew on the Scripture, and then learn to hear from the Holy Spirit in a very grounded way that helps our children build a strong relationship with Jesus and learn to hear our Shepherd's voice.

Our academic focus incorporates both aspects of the Charlotte Mason approach and the Classical approach.  Charlotte-Mason means a focus on the love of learning, hands-on and creative approaches (versus worksheets), building good habits (cleanliness, order etc),  narration which means constantly reviewing/recalling what has been learned, and a focus on inspirational literature, giving our students a "feast" of ideas!  Classical means a focus on becoming like God (virtuous), as the purpose of all learning!  It means capitalizing on our student's strong ability of memory in utilizing song and movement to learn material, and then moving to understanding, and then critical thinking and ability to articulation and present ideas in a beautiful and clear way in the older grades!

Our school virtues are the JOLES – Joyful Heart, Obedient Heart, Love for Jesus, Excitement to Learn, and Serving Heart! Thank you for visiting our website today.

Sacred Footsteps (Pre-K - Junior Kinder)
Sacred Heart Academy (K-8th)

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Daily School Schedules for 2020/21

>Full-time Schedule

>K-2 schedule

>Tues/Thurs Morning Part-time Option (Grades K-5)

Please email Callie Schoenherr at cwhit99@hotmail.com for the current SHA 3rd - 8th grade schedule.

>Junior Kindergarten

>Pre-K Tues/Thurs


Pre-K-8th Grade for 20/21 School Year

Our mission is to assist families in forming world-class disciples of Jesus through academic excellence, creativity, and individual attention for each child in our small class sizes! Your student is immersed in an beautiful and rich spiritual and academically aggressive environment where they experience God's heart throughout their school day through their peers and teachers, and are inspired with amazing literature and hands-on learning!

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Sacred Heart Academy

Assisting Parents in Forming World-Class Disciples of Jesus

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