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developing World-Class Disciples of Jesus!

We are Sacred Heart Academy, a full-time school for K-5, part-time school for K-10, and a Catholic Youth Program for Ages 3-5.

Our Mission at Sacred Heart Academy and Sacred Footsteps is to have each child, parent, and teacher experience the Heart of the Father, and to assist parents in developing your child as a World-Class Disciple of Jesus!

Sacred Heart Academy challenges our children to excellence in a creative and academically aggressive environment where love for learning and true Christian fellowship thrive!

  • Prayer & Virtues, and Academic Excellence
  • Classical & Charlotte Mason Education
  • Specials such as Spanish Immersion, Technology, Typing & Coding,
  • Cooking, Choir, Art, Sports Specific Training, Strength &
  • Conditioning, Gymnastics & more
  • Operating in Our Catholic Tradition

preschool & kinder readiness

Youth Program for children ages 3-5 yrs old focused on bringing strong spiritual and academic formation in an incredible environment for them to mature and blossom!


FUll Time K-5

Full time education for K-5th graders built on excellence in a creative and academically aggressive environment, where love for learning and true Christian fellowship can thrive!


Part Time K-10

We offer Part time school options for homeschool families to supplement additional subjects. We focus on science, faith based learning, specials, literature, grammar and more!


Sacred HEart Academy Academics

Sacred Heart Academy provides a creative, Jesus-Centered Education, focused on hearing from God in Scripture, Academic Excellence, Creativity in the classroom, Inspiration through Literature, Character development, and brain training.

Our curriculum is a beautiful integration of the Charlotte Mason approach and the Classical Method in which our teachers implement student-driven learning through kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning styles.

By blending these two methods of learning, Sacred Heart Academy engages each student to learn through inquiry, experimentation, and explanation. Like Charlotte Mason, Sacred Heart Academy staff challenges students through short, creative sections, outdoor exploration, and the use of living books that stimulate students by invoking their imaginations. Our teachers want to give students a “feast of ideas to excite them about life and learning!

Additionally, Sacred Heart Academy staff implements the Classical Method of teaching which focuses on utilizing song, movement, and memory in the younger grades, and a focus on critical thinking and clear articulating ideas in the older grades.

Through Charlotte Mason and Classical Method-driving instruction, Sacred Heart Academy teachers excite students’ emotions and their imaginations to pursue and become virtuous and God-like!

Our focus is not how much our students know, but how much they care about what they know. We recognize the ultimate purpose of education is to help people; not just do the right things, but enjoy doing the right things!

Sports & gYMNASTICS Classes, Ninja Warrior Class, & More

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